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Our residential phone service uses Voice over IP (VoIP) which is basically phone service over the internet. Your phone will tap into your existing high-speed internet service from 903 Broadband. It is that easy!

Worried about losing your existing home phone number?  No worries we can port that number into our system and you will be able to use it.

VoIP can do things that are impossible with traditional phone networks.  For example, your VoIP phone can travel with you! Anywhere you connect your VoIP phone to the internet, you can receive your incoming calls. Those who use a VoIP phone for work can easily work from anywhere with a good internet connection.


Unlimited phone and data including the USA, Canada and more: $24.95 per month

DID (Phone Number) Rental Fee: $3.00 per month

E911 (Emergency 911 Address) Fee: $2.00 per month


Port/Activate Current Number Fee: $10 one time

Fax Service: $15 per month

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