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Because all wireless technologies perform better with a true line of sight, we require that the equipment that we use are mounted above the tree line, to ensure proper connectivity. However, for some customers, this means going much higher than their roof line. Some rural properties are surrounded by very tall trees and may require a tripod and mast with guy wires, or even a freestanding tower. We will perform a free site survey before setup to gather information about your particular area so that we can ensure everything will work properly.



The standard wireless and satellite J-Arm mount. Easy to secure to the house rooftop and does not look out of the ordinary. This is our most basic installation and only works when there is a clear line of sight from the rooftop to our towers.


Tripods are a great tool to gain extra durability to hold the poles in place. However, the tripod is quite visible from the front of the home. Installation of the tripod is done with appearance in mind and will be placed in the best location for both the wireless signal and the appearance of the home.

If the location requires a pole that is longer then 10ft, guy-wires must be used to reduce the amount of sway that the wireless equipment will receive during times of high and gusty wind. We can erect a telescopic mast, varying in height from 20ft to 50ft, with guy-wires every 10ft for stability. The poles are very strong, even in windy conditions, but do require a roof with enough spacing to properly secure the guy-lines to the roof. If the house roof is not wide enough, or a garage/shop is nearby, we can mount the pole to the side of the house.

The tripod and pole are a very common option used in many rural locations. It’s a great solution to get the height and line of site required.


Tripod: Included with installation cost

10ft Pole: Included with installation cost

30ft Pole: $150 in addition to the regular installation price.

50ft Pole: $250 in addition to the regular installation price.


The most expensive, but by far the most visually pleasing, a one-time investment on a freestanding tower is our recommendation. Depending on the house or garage/shop roofline, a tower is an alternative to keeping the pole off the roof. The tower base is set in concrete for stability. The tower may also able to be placed anywhere within 200ft of the house, they do not have to be beside the house. It is the best solution to get the height and line of site required.

Cost of equipment:
Straight section(10ft) : $300
Topper section(10ft) : $300


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